what to eat when it’s too hot outside



I can barely think of eating on days when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. If I can get away with drinking my calories, I will (thank the heavens for Jamba Juice). My list of recipes on hand for those insanely hot days is extremely short.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Cold Soba noodles (plain – usually too hot to grill up the chicken)

A big salad of some sort (hard, since Miss L isn’t a salad fan quite yet)

Take-out pizza? or anything?

What’s on your menu for those crazy hot days?

Help me survive them end of this crazy 2012 summer!


  • sp

    I’m Vietnamese so the salad rolls (goi cuon) are a staple in my house. (FYI technically spring rolls are fried, like egg rolls).
    Other good bets are Vietnamese or Thai salads filled with fresh herbs and veggies and often fruits e.g. som tam (papaya), goi buoi tom (pomelo salad with shrimp).
    Also sushi handrolls or tuna poke.
    Seared scallops on top of salad is nice because it requires minimal hot cooking time.
    Guacamole can sometimes be half a meal for me.
    Going to try gazpacho for the first time this week.