An actual goodies basket from Goodies Co.

For the past month, in every social media forum I belong to, I’ve seen the following thread, “What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day?” An important question certainly, and one that you don’t always want to just lump into the “generic gift” category either. Sure moms need lotions and robes and candles, but sometimes you want to jump out and give a little something more.

I’ve been pretty excited about all of these awesome subscription boxes, because they combine two of my favorite things in life: getting mail and random new goodness. So, you’ve got beauty boxes, activity boxes for kids, and now, there are GOODIE boxes!

No seriously! It’s like someone was paying attention to those “tasty goodness” posts of mine and decided to just box it up as a gift.


As a subscriber to the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box, you receive a monthly box of 5-8 snacks for only $7/month (includes shipping). I just spent $10 at the market yesterday buying 2 random bags of rice chips that they and some random new sauces I saw, so this is such a bargain for treat hunters like Mr. M and I!

Customers are asked to review products they’ve received, and can accumulate points to redeem for a free Taster’s Box and other rewards. Since trying new snacks can be risky and time-consuming, the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box gives everyone a chance to discover their tastes!

In our household, whenever we have visitors for a few hours or a whole weekend, we end up buying some random new snack to try as a “welcome!” present. Now we can extend that hospitality to our friends no matter where they live, and keep the gift going for many months on end!

It goes without saying that both Mom L and Mother M will be enjoying these goodies in the upcoming weeks as part of their Mother’s Day treats, but I hope that the idea will help you out with your gift giving needs in the future as well!

Thanks to Goodies Co. for sponsoring today’s discussion!