little gardens for little girls

This year, Miss L has taken over the task of gardening outside. For her birthday, she received a nice planter box with al the dirt and fertilizer (oh yes friends, we went with heavy duty manure this year) needed to grow her favorite summer fruit: tomatoes! That girl might be able to survive on tomatoes alone if we let her… but we ration her appropriately in order to stop her from turning a deep reddish color.

We had to wait very patiently for the official tomato planting day, which around here is mid-Spring in late April/early May. It’s so darn hard to practice patience when you’re passing tomato plants left and right on sale everywhere on the weekend, but we managed. In the meantime, we planted some seedlings to transport and watched those grow inside: zucchini, pumpkins (for outside of the planter), and watermelon.

And when it was time to plant… here’s what went in:

6 tomato plants. 2 zucchini plants. 1 lone watermelon vine. I can hear Miss L salivating and anticipating her summer harvest already!

I also decided to install two gutter gardens above her planter box to give her a few more things to watch. We made seed tape for arugula and another favorite food, kale, and left it to its devices.

So much green in one little corner of the garden. And it’s all Miss L’s real estate! I can’t wait to share the harvest with you!


  • Audrey

    I love this! I’m jealous of the green thumb, says the girl who managed to kill both bamboo and a plant that only needed watering once per month . . .

  • HamiHarri/AshleyHami

    Ooo! I’m excited to see it grow, you must update us. I’m a little garden obsessed this year…FX our veggie plants grow and grow. What kind of tomato plants is Miss L growing?

    I’m really curious to see how your watermelon grows too :)