happy #6

Anniversary weekend 2013.

I was sleeping in the backyard in our tent (yes… more on this shortly), when I received this text from Mr. M at 7:08am on July 6th, 2013.

I dragged my body out of the warm sleeping bag, into the house and upstairs into the shower. I asked more questions to see what answers I could get.

“Comfortable shoes mean cute shoes that are comfortable, or tennis shoes?”

“Will this skirt work?”

“Should I bring a sweater”?”

“Really, no wallet?”

I was told to wear tennis shoes, that my skirt was fine, but to wear layers and bring a sweater/sweatshirt and my Driver’s license. My parents were there to watch Miss L for the day, so when the dSLR battery was charged at 8:20am, we were off to…




Oh ok, it’s really just Muir Woods, but I like to pretend that there are still Ewoks hiding high up in the trees whenever I find myself in a coastal redwood grove.


We meandered through the trails and trees and tourists… being extra quiet and dreaming of the day when we might be able to purchase a 10’x10’ plot big enough for a tiny shack in a redwood grove somewhere.


There’s just something so mystifying about the California redwoods… like why they are only found where they are (central coast of CA up to Oregon)… how they just stretch to the sky with no end in sight… and how they turn their little worlds into these amazingly green spaces.


After our jaunt around the soggy canyon, we headed to nearby Mill Valley for lunch, and then were off to destination #2. We left the 101 and headed over to Hwy 1 on the coast, and my choice was either to go left or go right. I chose right.


And we ended up in Tomales Bay.


We parked and enjoyed the ocean breeze, the scenery and a (free!) Coke at Nick’s Cove.


We sat out in their little boathouse at the end of the dock and just enjoyed the scenery and quiet for a bit. It was surprisingly calm and quiet for a holiday weekend, and really just perfect.

After our stay at the coast, we headed back inland and back to the heat. And of course stopped for milkshakes on the way home too.

Thank you Mr. M for yet another wonderful surprise of a day! And thank you for the happiness of the past 6 years (or 8.33 years total) !!!

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  • suki

    Wait a minute, you were tent camping in your backyard?! :-O This is amazing, and hooray for jumping photos. I’m a fan!