Mr. M’s Movie Trivia: Week 3

Want to see how you did in Week #2?  Scroll down to see the answers below! [sorry for the delay! I’m loading up the next 8 weeks, so we’re on track from here on out!]

And we’re on to Week #3. All you have to do is identify the movie and you are on your honor not to google them! Just leave your guesses in a comment below and see if you’re right next week!

Answers to Week #2:

1.       40-year-old virgin – Steve Carrell is riding back with his date, who has had a bit too much to drink. She initially has him breathe into the breathalyzer that was installed into her car to get it started. She then bobs and weaves her way through traffic (hence the “I just want to live!!!” part of the quote).

2.       The Wedding Singer – this is early in the movie when Adam Sandler gets stood up by his bride-to-be at the altar. Drew Barrymore was part of the catering group in this scene.

3.       Happy Gilmore – I think this one was during Happy’s first tournament when he was horrible at putting.

4.       Spaceballs – Whatever happened to Rick Moranis? Regardless, this was probably his best role as “Helmet”

5.       Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – This is when Matthew Broderick is trying to get Cameron out of bed even though Cameron actually thinks he is sick… and dying.

6.       Get Shorty – Danny Devito talking to John Travolta (Chili Palmer, a shylock from Florida attempting to collect a debt from Gene Hackman) about Chili’s rental car. Originally, the rental company was supposed to give Chili a Cadillac but ended up selling him on the fact that the Oldsmobile minivan was the Cadillac of minivans. – this was the obscure one

7.       Ghostbusters – Very end of the movie – may even be the last quote except for “I love this town!” This is after Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver are removed from the barbecued cross-dimensional dog corpses.

8.       Supertroopers – The story of the Vermont Highway Patrol… prior to this scene one of the troopers dared the other trooper to say meow as many times as he could while giving someone a ticket. Not very well known, not particularly good… but it has some choice scenes, This is one of them. – this was also obscure but both Heather and Alta got it.

9.       Dumb and Dumber – Whatever you do, don’t ask Christy about this movie. She can actually recite the entire script word for word from start to finish.

10.   Bull Durham – This is when Kevin Costner (catcher) gets pissed at Tim Robbins (pitcher) for not paying attention to the pitch calls. So Kevin Costner decides to tell the next batter what pitch is coming and where… and the batter hits a homer.