Mr. M’s Movie Trivia: Week 5

Want to see how you did in Week #4?  Scroll down to see the answers below!

And we’re on to Week #5. All you have to do is identify the movie and you are on your honor not to google them! Just leave your guesses in a comment below and see if you’re right next week!

Answers to Week #4:

1.       Aladdin – Iago (sp?) talking to Jafar.

2.       Ice Age – The sloth (John Leguizamo) and the Mammoth (Ray Romano) with a line or two from the sabretooth tiger (Dennis Leary) – I believe this is at the end of the movie.

3.       Toy Story – This line is Rex when he refuses to take sides in the Woody is the devil and killed Buzz discussion.

4.       Brave – This is Emma Thompson after she turns back into the queen after being a bear for the last two days. She’s only got a rug that she knit as cover from the other Scottish gentlemen who just witnessed her battle Mordu (when she was a bear).

5.       Over the Hedge – This is Bruce Willis talking to Steve Carrell (as a squirrel). One of my favorite lines from the movie. Hammy (the squirrel) loves cookies.

6.       How to Train Your Dragon – Craig Ferguson talking to Hiccup (played by Jay Baruchel) about why his dad doesn’t trust him to do anything correctly – I think this is taking place during a dragon attack, but I’m not totally sure.

7.       Up! – This is the Doberman pincher with the messed up voice modulator instructing the other two dogs (a Rottweiler and a bulldog) to put Doug (the golden retriever) in a cone of shame – which anyone who’s ever had a dog neutered/spayed knows all too well.

8.       Happy Feet – Robin Williams as one of a troop of little Adelie Penguins that are the gang that follows Mumble (Elijah Wood) around on his adventures. This is during the initial ten minutes of them meeting Mumble.

9.       Mulan – This one was the curveball. Most people answered Shrek when they noticed Eddie Murphy’s voice, but he was also the mini-dragon in Mulan.

10.   Shark Tale – I thought this would be the hardest but a ton of people got this one right. This is when Will Smith finds out why he’s never going to be popular (i.e. on top of the food chain).


  • Tammie Treibley

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    3- Groundhogs Day
    4-50 1st Dates
    5-Knocked Up
    6-Fish called Wanda
    8-Love Actually
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    10- Jerry McGuire