bits and pieces from Momtastic in January

At the beginning of the year, I announced that I was going to be blogging for, so I thought I’d share my posts from January with everyone here! I’m trying to be a little bit better about “being proud” of my web self this year, so please excuse the small margin of puffiness you notice from my chest, because I’m super proud to be creating this stuff for such a wonderful site.

[Free Printable] Routine Chart Templates to Keep Your Kids on Track in the Morning and at Night

Morning and evening routines in our house can be tiresome with a preschooler who can creatively forget a different task each and every day. We eliminated those worries by creating this little velcro task master… and you can print it out to use it too!


The Best Way to Capture Memories of Your Theme Park Vacations

We’ve been on enough of these trips to know that snapshots get a little old. Here are some ideas to make your next theme park trip stand out a bit when you get home!


DIY Pom Poms Applique Shirt

Every little girl needs a heart shirt for Valentine’s Day, so why not DIY one from puffy little pom poms!


What to Do With Holiday Cards After the Holidays? We’ve Got the Answer.

I’m a card hoarder (new, old, etc.) but there comes a point when piles of cards just stare you down into a corner… and you need to choose between action or the circular file. Here’s some actions you can take that not only preserve the memories, but make them live on in bright new ways!


Thanks again to for allowing me the privilege of sharing these things with your awesome moms!

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  • kate

    I can’t wait till my guy is old enough for the chart! Getting out of the house is such a pain in the morning. All I hear is “no. wanna play a little bit more.” (Or this morning – “my teeth no stinky. Teeth clean!”)