watercolor paintings from photos: waterlogue app

After “Parent Observation Day” at ballet on Saturday, I posted an Instagram of the class… but distorted it using a fun new app I have fallen in love with: Waterlogue. Lots of people asked about the app, so I thought I’d post a few more examples here!

Waterlogue App Example: Ballet

Waterlogue is an iPhone/iPad app that takes your photos, and repaints them using some technical magic. And each time… the result will be slightly different!

Waterlogue App Example: Bernese Mountain Dog and Shoes

In some cases, it just blurs the lines of light and dark in images. In others, it creates color and dimension where you previously didn’t see it.

waterlogue example: Mary Poppins Dress

It can transform a pretty simple museum photo into something that’s a bit more “wall worthy.”

Waterlogue App Example: Ice Skating

And it can transform family moments into more abstract happy memories!

Waterlogue App Example: Napa flowers

Now it definitely doesn’t work on everything… as many complicated and detailed pictures probably shouldn’t be painted with watercolor. But play around with it and I’m sure you’ll find some awesome ways to transform ordinary photos in your photostream!

And if you’re interested in printing the results, here’s a great tutorial on Printing your Waterlogue Pictures.

[p.s. it’s $2.99 in the app store]