and now she’s 4!


This week, a certain little girl turns 4 years old. That’s right. FOUR!


It’s the juxtaposition between birth and four that makes you really wonder what the heck just happened in the past few years. Maybe it was the fact that the last time I watched the winter Olympics, I was pregnant. And on day 15 of those Vancouver games, Lena decided to show up.

This time, we watched the opening ceremonies together, as well as all of the skiing and skating and snow sports. And she we were having conversations about it… and she was creating ice skating routines to her favorite Frozen songs as she glided on the tile in her socks.


You know in your head that 4 years is a long time, and you know that 4-year-olds are capable little human beings, but when you see that transformation before your eyes, it’s both magical and cry-inducing.

Mr. M reminded me the other day about how excited he got when he realized we might be having a girl. And he knew just who he hoped that little girl would be.

He said he was praying that she would be like the little girl that appears at 0:19 in the commercial above (and this happened every time this commercial aired in the 2009 Holiday season).


I think his prayers were answered. As were mine. Miss L has a beautiful spirit, a wild imagination, and a kind heart.

And while we all say that “this age is the best!” … this one is truly wonderful to experience. May she always love lending her voice to animals and dolls alike, may she continue to don the wildest hats imaginable, and never allow her love of crazy color coordination go away.

Happy 4th birthday Miss L!

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