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2014 - 04 - April - Mini Golf

An ordinary Saturday afternoon was transformed into a race through the mini golf course with the latest pre-LPGA player this week.


And by pre-LPGA player, I mean that we’ve got a long way to go on the putting greens.

2014 - 04 - April - Mini Golf
We had taken Miss L mini-golfing last summer, but it didn’t work out so well. Well, she did get a miraculous “hole in one” on hole #3, but that didn’t seal her interest. She was done by hole #12 … her patience for this “fun” game had worn thin on that very hot morning, so we called it quits and went inside for video games and lemonade. But this time… her inner field hockey skills kicked in and she was ALL ABOUT getting through each hole as fast as she could!


Meanwhile… mom and dad were trying hard to actually maintain par in this oh-so-serious game of putt putt.


Dad was clearly winning the day… despite the fact that we didn’t have time between holes to even record our score.

2014 - 04 - April - Mini Golf

And Miss L… well she was busy celebrating each hole like she was winning the Masters tournament.


Because it’s just not a successful day at the mini golf course without 17 giant WOO HOOs!!! (That ball eating 18th hole was not too popular in her eyes.)

2014 - 04 - April - Mini Golf

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  • Kate`

    I never know what’s age appropriate. There’s so much I’m looking forward to doing with the little guy, but I don’t know when to start, or when to wait. I’m so lucky to have you do everything first so I can base my timeline on that!