What a tall mom wants to wear this summer…

[NYC friends!  Did you see my post yesterday about a GIANT carnival party at the Chelsea Old Navy store?? It’s this Saturday, May 10th, from 12pm-4pm at 610 Avenue of the Americas (at 18th Street)! It’s all for their giant BABY sale where tons of styles will be $10 and under! The event is hosted by The Moms, and there are going to be carnival games galore along with face painting, a social media photobooth and all your favorite carnival treats like popcorn & cotton candy!!! I’ve passed the word on to all my city friends and hopefully you’ll all get to enjoy it together!]

I just want to let you all know that I’ve officially reintroduced my “buy only TALL sizes!” shopping mantra after being woefully embarrassed last week thinking a normal Large sized dress would work out for daily wear. It may have fell ok standing up, but when I sat down in my office chair and realized just how short it was I was mortified. Keep me away from Nordstrom RACK people unless you bring your Catholic school-girl ruler with you!

So… that brings me to a place where I want to starting my 2014 summer clothing wish list. Since I’m not one to indulge monetarily on the season of scimpy fabrics, I thought I’d virtually shop at one of my favorite stores that caters to us tall folk: Old Navy! (Plus… with all their sales, it’s a no brainer to look there first!) I assembled everything here for under $200, and don’t be surprised if you see me rocking these outfits all over Instagram ASAP…


Women’s Plaid-Madras Shirts $24.94, Women’s Cuffed Boyfriend Bermudas (7"), $24.94

I love crazy colors and patterns in the summer, and finding a tall-sized buttondown shirt in my size is just awesome! And bermuda shorts are a no-brainer for a tall mom… and Miss L is old enough that white might actually be a safe color to wear again!


Women’s Lightweight Textured Boyfriend Cardis, $26.94, Women’s The Pixie Skinny-Ankle Pants, $34.94, Women’s Jersey Tamis, $10.00

If you had to push me to love one specific color combination, it’d be pink & navy. Since our new air conditioning units at work ACTUALLY WORK, it looks like I’ll need to wear substantial clothing to work even though it’s 100+ degrees outside. I love layering, and this combo is perfect for inside and gallivanting out to lunch. Plus the tank and pants can work with the ensemble above!


Women’s Strapless Linen-Blend Dresses, $34.94, Women’s Jersey Tie-Belt Maxi Dresses, $34.94

“I totally tried on a maxi dress that might fit you!” – says every friend of mine in the summer when I compliment them on their dress and lament my ability to find one in my size. But guess what? This one DOES actually fit, and I might just be waiting for an amazing sale to buy them out of every color?  But just as rare as a long dress is to find, rarer is the short dress that doesn’t embarrass you (see my note above). Last year was the summer of skorts for me, so maybe this year can be the summer of dresses?

Now I just have to wait for the next great sale, use  my crazy gift card-rebate-discount schemes and stock up for summer!

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  • Kate

    I need a “short girl’s guide” that has shorts that are longer than underwear and maxi dresses that don’t drag on the ground.