#WEverb12 day 2: watch

When I look back at movies I’ve watched over the year, I usually find myself thinking the most about some sort of documentary that is stuck in my head and heart. This year, it was Bill Cunningham New York. It tells the story of the ubiquitous Bill Cunningham, the man behind the “On the Street” styled collections of the New York Times. You know, what every “on the street” fashion blogger wants to be caught in and tries to recreate daily. Anyhow, everything about this movie is absolutely perfect, and the man is so amazingly unique and talented and special and so ordinary at the same time. He’s the anti-celebrity that deserves more praise in a week than any one of the Kardashian klan gets in a normal day.

And overall, he’s just a wonderful person. And this film is just so perfect at shadowing him and digging deeper without ruining the experience of just following along. There’s a wonderful tension between the biographer/filmmaker and the subject and it never wears throughout the whole film.

It’s on Netflix. Watch it. Love it. And then watch, “The September Issue” if you find yourself in a fashionista kind of mood.