left knee surgery runs in the family

Carmel Beach - Oct 2014

Did you know that Mr. M and I have both had our left knees reconstructed? Miss L doesn’t think our scars are strange, since we both share them in the same place, and instead considers poking them a silly game.

But this morning, another member of our family is going to have their left knee repaired with some plates and bolts. And we hope that he will be back to his normal playful & silly self in no time at all, just like we were.

Carmel Beach - Oct 2014

So any happy thoughts for Lincoln today, and during his 8-12 week recovery, are welcome!  As are tips on handling his recovery from other doggy parents who have been-there/done-that.

Carmel Beach - Oct 2014

I think we’ll celebrate his recovery with a romp in the snow… since his last big hurrah was at the beach a few weeks ago!

Carmel Beach - Oct 2014

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  • Kate

    Been there, done that.
    1) Do you have a pen for him? Not a crate, more like those octagon things some parents have for their kids – open on top. We used that with Bebe so she could be with us, but her movement was limited.

    2) I don’t know if your vet has warned you about this, but often once one knee goes, the second goes as well. Because they start overcompensating on the other as soon as the first starts bothering them. So for us, we had to do both of Bebe’s knees, I think we did 10 weeks between the two.