When we were flying back from Texas last weekend, my mom and I made a long stopover in Vegas for dinner (and a cheaper airfare) and immediately regretted not staying in town for a day or two. In the baggage claim there was a registration line for CES badges, our cab driver talked about how excited he was for the nice CES folks, and every hotel had “WELCOME TO CES!” banners all around. Yes… CES… the “consumer electronics show” that features all of the latest and greatest gadgets designed to make life easier.

But then I thought… hey… I’ve got my share of gadgets for the moment… I can wait a little while to introduce some new ones. Like my Intel 2 in 1 (a spiffy Microsoft Surface Pro 3) that I’ve had for 3 months now! It alone simplifies my life in so many ways…Intel 2 in 1 productivity

From being able to actually “do work” anywhere I want using the detachable keyboard and kickstand, whether that’s blogging like I am right now or creating newsletters for an alumnae chapter or sending a last-minute email for my 40-hour/week job…

Intel 2 in 1 productivity

… to pulling up my recipes in full format and having them next to me as I cook! Gone are the days of printing up a recipe just to toss it in the trash that night! And it’s just as easy to search for them using the tablet functions too!

Intel 2 in 1 productivity

Or if I just want to browse all my favorite media sources via Flipboard (blogs and magazines and newspapers galore) in comfort and away from hunching over a keyboard or squinting at tiny print on a phone, or even outside by my fancy new fire pit. It simplifies everything by being the computer I always seem to need along with that cool tablet we all want. And that reduces my device juggling tremendously!

But as for those gadgets at CES 2015 that I might start lusting for in the next few months… things that also promise to simplify my life… or just make it a little bit more fun? Here’s a few that have caught my eye this week:

  • Swarovski’s new solar charged fitness trackers: they’re pretty as jewelry and don’t need a plug
  • Quell: a daily wearable TENS unit that hacks your brain and relieves your nerve pain
  • Petcube: a device that connects you to your pets while you’re away… watch out Memphis & Lincoln
  • Polaroid Zip: the evolution of the Instamax… a printer that instantly prints your digital pix
  • Adidas Smart Soccer Ball: a soccer ball that gives you back all the data you need to perfect your kicking techniques
  • Edyn Smart Gardening: sensors that help you understand what it will take to make your plants thrive

Do you use any gadgets that have simplified your life in 2014? Maybe it’s as simple as using Google Calendar? Or a new app? Something tells me 2015 has a few more discoveries ahead for me… because life always finds a way to get too busy and crazy!


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