The M Family Portrait

We haven’t had any family photo sessions. That’s pretty scandalous for a blogger to admit, but it’s true! Instead we just have all our snapshots and dSLR photos and wedding photos on the walls. I decided that I’d change that this year, but instead of opting for just another photograph, I decided to do something different.

A few years back, I had stumbled upon the magic of artist Gabby Zapata’s and her awesome portfolio and fallen in love with her artwork. I also fell in love with her senior thesis animated project, “Bubbles.”

Bubbles from gabriela zapata on Vimeo.

So I went ahead and inquired about a commission for Miss L’s “Hawaiian themed” room. I told her about her love of turtles and showed her photos of the room and of Miss L. And this is the pretty artwork that now hangs in her room:


In Miss L’s words, “This is from the time I went swimming with a turtle in Hawaii.”

So fast forward to this fall, and I decided to contact Gabby again about another commission. I had no idea if it was something she’d want to do, but I asked if she could do a family portrait for us.

Luckily she agreed, because I’m not sure who else would have been able to capture the M Family spirit quite like she did! MFamilyPortrait

Now we have the perfect family portrait to add to the walls and I’m oh so happy it’s not just a photograph! And a HUGE thanks Gabby for filling our house with such wonderful art!

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