iphone case commissions available

Miss L wants you to know that she’s truly an “iPhone case designer.” No really. She started talking about how we need to show all of our friends her phone case designs so that she’ll get “so many orders from everyone that [she] won’t be able to keep up!”  I’m not sure if she’s been catching episodes of “Shark Tank” or reading preschool economics books, but her entrepreneurial spirit is definitely alive.

The latest design in the Miss L collection of bespoke iPhone case designs courtesy of Uncommon:


Alligators and giraffes are the current animals de jour in her artistic repertoire, so when Mr. M requested an alligator, she definitely delivered. I did use the magic of Photoshop to resize and position the design elements on the uncommon template that they provide, but the work is 100% all Miss L.

She’s still trying her best to sell those duck footprints… so if anyone is up for grabbing them, just let me know!

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