Miss L’s final “pre-ballet” class of the year is tonight.

Enrolling your child in activities like dance are a modern ritual. And seeing them grow and learn and enjoy it more with each passing day is a real treasure. You wouldn’t think that much would come in just 2.5 short years, but when that span goes from 2.5 to 5 years old, it’s leaps and bounds over what your imagination held.

We began ballet as a duo in “Tutus & Toddlers”  as she learned the basic structures of dance and movement. Then she tip-toed into “Creative Movement” all on her own last year. This year, she practices her dance moves at home with precision along with the French to accompany each change of position.  

The ritual of ballet class has stayed the same since the beginning. A simple pink leotard with pink tights and no underwear. A classic ballet bun sweeping all of that hair off of her face and tucked into a hairnet, no matter what screams and shrieks and tears may emerge. Pink Capezio ballet shoes in size 8… then 9… now 10.5. (As seen above) One class a week where the children tip-toe away into a closed room. One day a year where parents can spy on them. One performance a year where they can share what they’ve learned in that same simple ensemble. No glitter or costumes allowed. And absolutely no make-up.

Will Miss L continue with ballet forever? Who knows. Will she take tap/jazz/modern dance? I hope so… but I can’t see the future as clearly as others.

Will she become “a dancer?”

She already is a dancer. And she was one before she stepped into a ballet studio.

She moves with the faintest music in the background. She skips when she is elated. And she jumps up out of her seat to boogie-down whenever and wherever she gets the urge.

She is a dancer no matter if she ends up dancing on pointe or not.

I hope she’ll continue to study dance to refine her moves, but she had the heart of a dancer when she was born.

Here’s a peek of her Creative Movement performance last year, as filmed by another parent.



  • AshleyHami

    Can I just say that I love that her ballet class calls for no makeup. That is one of the things I’ve been a little unsure of with moving forward with ballet. Although Clara does love playing dressup…

    One of the reasons my dad put me in Highland Dance was that there was a no makeup rule for comps and exams…although some girls still wore it.