how a spider makes a web and other movie lessons

“Momma, how does a spider make a web?”

“Well, Miss L, it’s pretty neat! Spiders can spin silk and they use that silk to carefully weave a web to trap other bugs for food.”

“Wow! How does it eat the bugs it catches?”

“Well… the bugs can’t see the web, so they fly into it and get stuck. Then the spider wraps will wrap its prey in silk and take it to its nest to eat it.”

“OH! I KNOW THAT! I seen that in a movie!”

“Really? Was it a movie at school?”

“No… it was the Wizard and the Ring with the little people. The second one.”

“Lord of the Rings? Or the Hobbit?”

“I don’t know which one. But it was the second one. With a huge spider. Yeah, the number 2 movie.”

Her Kindergarten teachers aren’t going to know what hits them with this movie buff next year. She has her movie buff Daddy to thank. 

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