#DisneylandDay in Sacramento

On Monday, I woke up to some pretty happy news. Literally.

There, on the local morning news, was a live shot of the giant Mickey Mouse hot air balloon sitting in front of the state capitol building!

It turned out that the California legislature was honoring Disneyland in session that day and declaring June 1, 2015 as “Disneyland Day” in California – and Mickey, his balloon, and other Disneyland officials were all there to help celebrate!

And since I was getting kicked out of the house nice and early that morning at 7am by a friendly air-conditioning installation team, I decided to take a stroll down to the west steps before I needed to be in the office at 8am to check out all the insanity.

The hot air balloon was deflated when I got there due to some issues with the wind, but I got there just in time to see Mickey pop up back to life! (p.s. if the heights of a hot air balloon didn’t scare the bejesus out of me — the super jet-fuel fire cannons definitely ruin the effect for me)

And just as I was about to walk back to my office building, I saw a friendly face walking out toward the front of the capitol: Mickey Mouse!

I stopped long enough to grab a quick photo with the big cheese himself… and then headed off to real life and away from the Disney magic a few steps away at the capitol.  However, a few of my friends who work in the building got some great posed photos with him throughout the day!

Mickey was actually hanging around Sacramento all weekend, as Disney had helped build a brand new playground in West Sacramento just the day before.


And our Disney Store reopened on Saturday as well, which meant a visit from Donald and Daisy Duck!  So we’ve had quite the Disney week up here in Northern California!

Next Tuesday, I get to venture even further north for some Disney fun when I attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On the Road” Tour in Portland, Oregon! I’ll be sure to share all the fun magic of that trip on social media during the day and here afterwards as well!

This week was a flashback reminder to just how “Disney-fied” life can be when you’re in Southern California… and it was definitely fun to have a taste of that again up here!