fairy houses in the garden

I didn’t know it when we bought our first fairy houses, but they seem to have an uncanny ability to multiply. And while we had found a few spots in the backyard to hang Miss L’s first houses, we were quickly running out of room for the production line that started emerging from the craft room thanks to her highly supportive Dad purchasing more and more unfinished houses each week.

Venturing into Dollar Tree on Sunday in search more paintbrushes, I decided to take a look in their summer garden area to see if they had anything that could help hang our fairy houses. One quick minute later I was walking out with 15 plant hangers and heading home with the perfect solution.

Now the fairy houses are free to blow in the breeze…

…and house as many pixies…

…and sprites…

…and whatever other winged mythical creatures would like to take residence in our garden.

As of last night, it seems that the houses are all full.


Miss L is quite pleased and back in the craft room to fulfill her current quota.


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