#KidArt: drawing books


During a busy weekend of activities here and there, I stumbled upon a wonderful new drawing book that I knew Miss L would just adore: Step-By-Step Drawing Book (Activity Books for Little Children). When I showed her the pages and asked, “Do you think you’d like to learn how to draw these things?” she enthusiastically said, “YES!” Thus, the book came home with us and out came the crayons and markers and pencils when we got home!

Miss L has a couple of other step-by-step drawing books, but so far they’ve been a bit too advanced for her. If we sit with her and go through the motions together then all is well. But eventually she’d open a page on her own and we’d hear every sound of frustration echoing from the office and her art table. But when I flipped through the pages of this book, I knew that she could tackle any of these doodles on her own and be successful each and every time!




And how well did she do? Well, here are a few of her doodles from this weekend:

As I write this, she’s currently drawing knights and castles and princesses and I really can’t wait to see how it all turns out! This book is a huge win for us, and I think we’ll look into getting their other two step-by-step books as well: Step-by-Step Drawing Animals & Step-by-Step Drawing People.




  • popandbanter

    That’s awesome! What age do you think it could work for? My daughter is 4 and can do some of her own doodles that look vaguely like the right thing, but this may still be too advanced for her.

    • Kim

      I think once she’s doodling recognizable things then you’d be good to go! A good gauge was when faces became animated and personal for us instead of just dots for eyes and such.