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it’s finally time to go inside out


To say that our family has been waiting forever for INSIDE OUT to come out would be an understatement. We got our first preview of Inside Out at the D23 Expo in 2013 and we were all in stitches laughing at the dialogue/storyboard they shared with us. Since then, we’ve been crossing our fingers that the rest of the movie would turn out just as well… and the Tomatometer seems to be saying that it really is just as wonderful as we hoped it would be!

We’ll be hopping into the theaters for the Saturday morning matinée (Miss L already picked out her Bing Bong stuffed animal to take with her), and I’m certain we’ll probably return for a second trip later on!

If you’re taking your little ones (or you’re a “Big Kid” who wants to join in on the fun), here are some fun coloring sheets, an Inside Out craft project, and even some nail art you can have fun with!

Inside Out Coloring Book Pages



Inside Out Nail Art Designs


Inside Out craft: DIY Memory Balls