Raley’s Chefs’ Menu for Easy & Delicious Dinners


As weeknight working-parents, we don’t have time for 30+ minute recipes in our kitchen Monday-Friday. Oh, and please don’t get me started on those delivery-via-FedEx “meal in a box” subscriptions. While they might be fun for a weekend meal, it’s not fun to learn how to cook a new recipe every single night. I like 5 or less fresh ingredients and only a couple of dirty pots or pans please!

So imagine my delight when Raley’s offered a $25 gift card in exchange for trying out their new Chefs’ Menu meal options!  “Sure! Looks easy & fun” I wasn’t sure what to expect – and honestly thought there’d only be a few options in the store to try – but when I got to the store I realized just how easy it was to shop for ANY meal on a Tuesday night after work.

 Step 1: Find the Chef’s Menu section of the store (right in the middle of the meat section)


Step 2: Choose your meat and grab a guide! All you need to pick out is a Meat, Sauce, Side & Veggie!


Step 3: Checkout and head on home!

As you can see, the total for my meal was $16.36! Spending about $16 for a fresh meal for all of us without too much thought = EASY!


I decided on the Thai Chicken Stir Fry meal (as prepared by local chef Suleka Sun-Lindley from Thai Basil Restaurant here in Sacramento). Miss L was thrilled by the loads of squash in the meal, and Mr. M was intrigued by the Thai Sauce.

Step 4: Cook the meat


Step 5: Add the veggies. Heat the side and the sauce.


 Step 6: After 10 minutes, plate and ENJOY!


Miss L gobbled up her portion without blinking, and then asked for more. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any, since Mr. M and I had already fought for the remaining extra portion! To say this was a hit would be a major understatement. And the “prep” for all of this was so incredibly easy!

I’ll definitely be stopping in to Raley’s to grab these Chefs’ Menu meals both on nights where plans have gone awry as well as nights when we’re craving this stir fry goodness – and I’ve told my family & friends who live near Nob Hill Foods & Bel Air Markets to try them as well. I’m excited to try the other recipes (and meat selections) next time!

So thank you Raley’s for the chance to review this new option… and thanks for making it so delicious!


  • Ayesha

    Oh man. I love this! I wish it could move down to Southern California, because I would be all over this! There are four options on the Chef’s Menu site that I want to try. I’m sure i could make them myself, but throwing them together seems like the best, and I feel like the price point is perfect!