What we’re loving right now: kids edition – July 2016

When Miss L got a package in the mail from our lovely friend Estelle, she literally tore the book away from my hands and RAN to the kitchen table.

Inside the package was this wonderful book: Paint by Sticker: Kids.

Inside, there are 10 different pictures which pretty much combine every child’s two favorite things: coloring books and stickers!

Miss L took no time to jump into her first picture: a bunny. She patiently picked up each numbered sticker and placed it in the appropriate space with some crazy 6-year-old precision. And then she kept going, sticker after sticker, until all of them were placed and complete.

I’ve already gone ahead and ordered a few of these books to have as “ready to go” birthday presents for Miss L’s friends, as I think they’re just perfect as a fun artistic addition to a present. (And probably will go over better than the messy tie-dye kits we’ve been gifting in the past!)

Oh, and I’ve already preordered the Paint by Stickers: Masterpieces book for myself (it comes out from Workman Publishing on September 20th!)

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