• crazy

    the wisdom of a simple sign

    In my classroom teaching experience, we called these signs or warnings a “positive dissuader” … I just call this sign genius. [as seen at Boeger Winery on our recent Christmas tree cutting trip to Apple Hill]

  • crazy

    a dose of silliness for your Monday

    Dear friends… my stress monkeys took quite a toll on me this past month with work, and I’m really ready for August to be fun and happy and joyous. Or at least I’ll convince myself that it is, because it’s…

  • saavy

    feed bag

    Buy a bag…. feed a child for a year. The bag is reversible and serves a bit more of a purpose than the silly “I’m not a plastic bag” frenzy that occurred last year. While only $20 goes directly to…

  • kimmy

    how to use a $100 gift card at Banana Republic!

    One of my silly resolutions this year: try my best to only buy clothes from the “tall” collections of retailers. I’m so tired of shirts slowly shrinking away despite my line drying so I’ve decided to try this new pattern…