a dose of silliness for your Monday

Dear friends… my stress monkeys took quite a toll on me this past month with work, and I’m really ready for August to be fun and happy and joyous. Or at least I’ll convince myself that it is, because it’s so silly to worry about so many things that are out of your control.

Which is why I’d like to share some silly photos with you today from my “way back” archives. I’ve been trying my best to put every digital photo I’ve got since 2002 (yes… that’s when I got my first digi-cam…and thank gosh it was post college!) on my FLICKR account so that I never have to panic if a hard drive crashes. I even did it with my iphone photos/videos… because I never trust my itunes account to sync properly.

So… let me present you with some silliness…

Like these two gems of an impromptu photo shoot in Palm Springs with a hand seat…


Or a “fake sick” photo from Space Mountain? (I think this was the 6th or 7th ride of that day)

Or how about the “Kim (in her gym clothes) poses with all the dressed up sorority sisters going to a party on a yacht” photo from college?

An attempt from Mr. M to artistically capture me doing “Karate Kid” poses on a rock…

What Mr. M really thinks of me…

Really cold water…

Last minute Bay to Breakers outfits… courtesy of H&M’s men’s underwear department

…and silly baby giggles.


  • Michelle

    I’m so sorry you’re stressed – that’s no fun at all!! I love the little trip down memory lane and getting to see some fun snapshots from your past. You’ve also inspired me to get my act together and start archiving those memories!! ?