"are you kim?"


I heard a knock at the door around 4:40pm, and opened it to find a woman holding flowers.

“Are you Kim?” she inquired.

“Why yes I am! Thank you so much!” I replied, and closed the door. I must admit that I skipped back into the apartment, so much so that Memphis got excited and jumped around my feet. My elation quickly dropped though, as I looked down on the card addressed to “Maxine.” Uh oh. I opened it up to a “Happy Valentine’s Day Nana! Love Sarah” message and realized that the flowers most definitely weren’t mine. And they were not only NOT mine, but I was now depriving some grandma of her VERY EARLY Valentine’s day gift. Boo.

I mentioned the flowers to two friends over the night, and everyone told me to enjoy them as if they were mine, and I’d call the florist in the morning. I mean, even if they are red, there is a gorgeous protea in there!

I thought the story would end there, but it went on along while I had dinner with the lovely Cathy tonight. I had turned my phone to silent while I was at dinner, yet when I checked the phone at 8:30pm, I had 10 missed calls and 5 messages.

Oh dear.

I listened to the messages, all from my mom, and I was a bit scared to call back. Her tone of voice was worrisome and I honestly expected to hear bad news. Instead, she asked if I had talked to Mr. Lemon and if I had received flowers today.

I guess while I was enjoying dinner, poor Mr. Lemon was scared to death that I had gotten a crazy “It’s time for us to break up” flower arrangement (or something like that) instead of the Calla Lillies that he had sent. Poor guy. He had gotten the call from the florist, since Maxine had received the flowers and called them on their error. When he couldn’t get me on the phone, he called my parents to ask if I had mentioned the flowers at all. He let his imagination run a bit wild on this rainy day… when all he had to worry about was a note to Grandma. Silly boy.

But I want my lillies. Now. Blegh.