lazy weekend

So we’ve just had ourselves one heck of a lazy rainy weekend. We escaped the apartment yesterday to run some errands, and I indulged myself in a silly domestic treat. I’m seriously the last person in the world to go ga-ga over cleaning supplies, but I’ve realized just how much I missed using my favorite scented product:

I’m not sure if anyone else in this world bought Victoria Secret’s special luxury laudry care, as it went in and out of stores within months it seemed, but I did. It had this amazing scent as well as the power to make all of your softest clothes rival your cuddly blankets. I obviously didn’t buy a lifetime supply of the stuff, so when it was gone, I cried and went back to my normal not so fun Snuggle stuff or whatever.

Fast forward to 2007 and I get a sample of Downey in the mail, I use it, and the memories of those VS days come flooding back. Mr. Lemon starts complimenting me on my perfume (um… it’s not me.. it’s my shirt?) and I get hooked on a closet smelling of Vanilla and Lavender. Awesome. I gave up the indulgence upon our nuptuals, but a trip back to Target yesterday convinced me that I needed a pick-me-up… and suddenly laundry folding day was much more pleasant. Thanks purple bottle. I <3 you.


  • meladoriem

    OMG… I totally bought out that entire VS line when it came out. I reminisce about that scent all the time. The Downy comes close, but nothing compares. I am a fellow mourner. :(

  • Kate

    It sounds like they should have come out with that in a perfume!

    I just looked it up and found some of this on eBay…although I’m not sure if you’d want to buy laundry detergent from a stranger. LOL