sometimes it takes a little push

The highly anticipated “first day of work” is tomorrow, and I honestly admit that it’s given me a bit of a nudge to get myself back into tip-top condition. While I’m still desperately in need of a haircut (I’m searching for a hairstylist who won’t “skunk” my hair…in reference to the half blonde/half black hair dye job), I tried to take care of some loose personal ends today that were routine back in the LA.

Today’s back-to-work makeover included:

L’Oreal ColorSpa in WHEAT — to channel my inner blonde and keeps getting darker and darker

Cetaphil — to cancel out the damage that has been wrought by my super expensive Dermalogica product line!

Bare Minerals foundation — for the natural everyday look I had back in the day… and to hopefully stop the insanity that the evil Dermalogica started.

Old Navy ballet flats– because they’re dang cute for $20!

Now I just have to finish up my drycleaning and I’ll be all set for tomorrw… minus the big time nerves and fear that a 9am meeting will bring on Tuesday. Wish me luck!