the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…


Each year I have to decide to do something crazy and new for Christmas. Last year, we got 2 trees for the first time. This year’s big Christmas craft… our mantle!

The idea started when I noticed that we still had our old bathroom mirror hanging out in the laundry room… tucked away but not in any sort of bad shape. My original idea was to throw some contact paper on there in an intricate design, etch it, and age it and let it be. But when November ran away from me, I decided to make this a weekend project instead of a multiple week one.


So… I solicited some help from Dad L on the logistics of leaning a mirror on a thin mantle, took him to Lowe’s with me to procure the proper cement and hooks, and then I ordered a lovely decal to size from etsy seller morethanwordsvinyl.

Then it was just a trip to Costco for 25 feet of redwood branch garland ($12!!!) for the greenery and one of my custom burlap bows from the previous year to make it all complete! (click here for the tutorial on how to make your own oversize bows!)

And now I have a Christmas mantle mirror to install year after year… guess it’s easier to store than one of those giant Snowmen in your front yard, right Mr. M???