BotW: a red gift to myself

(BotW: Bargain of the Week … a Friday feature I plan to highlight weekly… yee haw!)

In celebration of my recent job acquisition and upcoming trips to the snow, I nabbed myself some ski boots from REI. This is my first official “ski gear” purchase (i.e. boots/skis/poles) ever… despite being a frequent fan of the slopes from age 5-15. I always grew too much year to year for my parents to justify a purchase that would fit a midget-Kim the next year. So at the tender age of 27, I just purchased my first pair of boots… and boy are they comfy!

$54 from

At that price, they were an insane bargain for anything ski-related, let alone brand new and a way to ease into my new proximity to Tahoe ski slopes. It is a pity that I’ll be spending Saturday snowboarding though… and waiting another week to test these guys out!

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