sometimes you need to help the economy out

We did our patriotic duty last night and helped out the economy. Sure, we’re going to save 1/3 of our extra tax check this summer and invest it wisely, but we spent the rest on pity gifts for ourselves.

Now did we really think that way last night, while our eyes were stinging tears of pain from our failed housing attempts? (yes… we’re still shopping but lost out big time in our first bidding attempt) Heck no! We just wanted some ice cream to numb the pain.

Goodbye rocky road, hello cookie dough! WE BOUGHT IPHONES!

My iphone still isn’t ringing with my number… but Mr. M’s seems to be working just fine. So far I’ve found I like to check the weather… often. I’m walking to lunch and I check the weather to see how fast I should walk to either keep the sweat down or reduce the chill factor. Oh the ways I find to amuse myself!

I’ve also already downloaded cool wallpaper from Poolga & PixieGirlPresents and feel quite hip. Now all I need to do is keep my Outlook calendar synched with my google calendar so I can sync that one to my icalendar. Wish me luck!