32 musings…

Last night, Miss L and I were gazing up at the starlight from her twilight turtle, and singing bedtime songs as we do each night. It was while singing along to one of her new favorites, “The Rainbow Connection” that I had to pause and smile.


[image source: Marthax]

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it’s done so far
What’s so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
And what do we think we might see
Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me

In short, life is pretty amazing from the little things that happen each day all the way to the philosophical musings of the universe.

I’m so happy to be 32 years old and to have had 32 years of living. I’m happy to be reminded of the magic surrounding me each and every day and incredibly grateful for the love that others have so generously shared with me through the years. I may not have completed the infamous Glamour 30 list by now (skin care regimen? HA!), but I know that my own life list has some pretty wonderful and unique things on it. I’m so very lucky to be able to dream and sing and wander each day… a happy birthday to me indeed.