not so peachy keen

My office at work doesn’t happen to be glaring white… but rather a strange fleshy peach color. I call it strange because I can rarely recall the last time I’ve seen that color as a paint choice anywhere outside of an adobe building. After three weeks at the job I’ve decided that I need to brighten up the space with some of my own little touches, but I’ve had a bit of trouble figuring what color scheme I’d like to employ.

Thank goodness for my color pal Adobe Kuler and it’s wonderful color schemer! All I needed to do was choose my “base color” and it instantly provides the output of the most famous color rules around:


Bright and neutral… not too exciting or stimulating.


I wish I was a warm color person… but I’m not. So while I love the pinks and grays… it’s just not me.


Ooooh…. blues!


This one resembles 80’s Arizona.


Minus the browns, this color scheme works… but not for me.


I want to brighten up the office… not make it worse!


Super trendy color scheme, but I’m just not a pink/green girl.

Decisions…. decisions…. time to head to the paint store to find color chips that will help me decide a bit more!

Which one(s) do you like best?

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  • Kate

    I like the Watermelon, Triad (seems tropical and beachy), and Analogous the best. (Then again, this is from a person who covered her cubicle entirely in a white-puffy-cloud sky paper, so I’m not sure I’m the best adviser for professional office decor!)