yearning for home

I went and skipped out on my blog due to the insanity that has ensued since my return from Disneyland.

You see… on our fourth try (thank goodness we didn’t have to get to lucky number 7!) we successfully bid on a house. Now, barring all craziness, the plan is to close escrow on May 11th. I have no qualms posting disappointment, so trust me, you’ll know if it goes through or not.

However, things look to be smooth sailing since it’s already bank-owned and only 2 years old and in great shape, and the appraisal came in far above our purchase price. Oh how I wish I could brag about the house… but for now I’ll sit and wait until things get past May 1st. From then on there is no turning back!

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  • Kate

    Congratulations, Kim!! I am so excited for you both! I’m thinking all good thoughts for you and your (maybe) new home!