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a month too late

I was trying desperately to find a source for a “blue book” value on donated goods, like the one that Turbo Tax provides in its tax software. I’d like to get a start on our yearly donations at optimal times (like, let’s say, a big move???) rather than simply taking loads of digital photos and categorizing them later.

Just as I was about to start up a mock refund just to get to the deduction values, I googled myself the answer: Turbo Tax took out the filing part and gave me just what I needed for free.

I just love days like this where the perfect answer pops out at you!

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  • Brad

    I love using ItsDeductible! It’s so easy, and it’s free :) We’ve been using it quite a bit lately, since our “junk room” now needs to serve another purpose (it’s time for the nursery!). If only the people who pick up the items would remember to leave me a receipt.