hola casa

welcome to our new home!  We got the keys…. 3 boxes moved in… and the carpets are being cleaned today! Looks like we’re all set for a moving extravaganza this weekend in 103 degree weather!


  • Kate

    Oh my gosh, congratulations, Kim! I’m so excited for you guys! You can test out the a/c this weekend. :)

  • Robin

    Congrats on the new house! It looks really nice. I found your blog through the D&R board and I love it! Especially the cool header. Adding you to my reader…

  • Robin

    Ha, ha that’s crazy! Glad the templates were helpful. What kind of Blurb book did you make? I haven’t updated that blog in ages because I’m working on our new house one. : ) Bad I know.

  • kim

    @Robin — I haven’t gotten a single FLICKR book out the door yet… I keep editing and editing… that needs to end soon!

    @Julie — Aww thanks so much BOP!!! :) And I love your blog as well!!