8x a day

Now that Nalgene bottles are BPA-free, I can go back to enjoying a college sized 32 oz super sized serving of H20 every day at work. After a bit of a delay of judgement between opting for a SIGG bottle and the old standard, I opted for the Nalgene for the simple reason that I like my water not so cold. Plus, I like to visually SEE my consumption as it happens via a see-through bottle.

Has anyone else replaced their BPA-bottles recently in favor of something new and fun??? Do tell!


  • cari

    Hi kim!

    thanks for this post. i didn’t even hear about this until you so now i’m doing research! i always use plastic bottles when working out at the gym…now i better go and replace all of my old bottles. how scary! :)

  • Krissy

    I was drinking out of my old Nalgene bottle this weekend and thought “I really should just get a new one!” I didn’t know they went BPA-free :) Now it’ll be on my list.

  • mary

    I used to fill up a 3-liter Poland Spring bottle up each day with water and drink the whole thing every day. It made it so easy because I wouldn’t have to keep re-filling anything and keep track of how much I was drinking. Now, with all of the issues with BPA out, I know I need to figure something new out. The largest bottle I’ve seen is from Nalgene and is 48 oz., which I might try.

  • Mom Quixote

    I want to make sure I have a BPA-free bottle, but I want to find one with a straw…it’s the only thing that gets me to seriously drink the whole thing like I should.