his first attempt at painting

I must admit that having the freedom to paint your walls is quite liberating after living in apartment white surroundings for quite a long time. So far, in our new house, I’ve been the only one who has slapping color around… but it changed this weekend when Mr. M picked up some paint samples at Lowe’s.

However, instead of just leaving his lovely paint swatch alone on the wall, he chose to use his new painting privilege in a medieval way…

… to post a challenge message to one of our guests that night for a Wii party.

All painting equipment has since been hidden from sight until the full buckets of orange paint arrive.

One Comment

  • Ellie

    I just finished a draft on the very same subject! We’re crazy paintin’ fools, we are.
    Though you are waaay more exotic than me, Orange Woman. **limps lamely back to bucket of white**