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Seguro Coffee Table

I saw this table at Crate and Barrel last weekend, and had an immediate cause for deja-vu. I tapped Mr. M on the shoulder and asked, “Now where have you seen this before?” It took him about three seconds for his eyes to open and realize that we were standing in front of an imitation of our favorite furniture design firm, Environment Furniture.

For good measure, here’s their Santomer coffee table:

So… I’m not sure how much of a bargain the table is from the C&B version (priced @ $699) since I never asked the price on the table at their HD Buttercup showroom… but if anyone wants to go ahead and recreate the rest of Enviornment’s line for a bargain price, I’ll be your best customer!

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  • anon

    Its actually the same table but not as wide and not as long. Environment makes this table exclusively for C&B.