members only shopping

Members-only shopping is all the rage lately… as is bringing sample sales online! I’m desperately missing my sample sale opportunities from Los Angeles, so this is my new addiction. Sadly, it’s a daily caffeine jolt of designer wares, but it’s something to look forward to every morning!

First… there’s the exclusive Gilt Groupe. In order to access their sales, you’ll need a member to invite you — and I just so happen to be one! (Leave a comment and I’ll hook you up ASAP!) Their sales tend to be the upper crust of couture with prices rarely falling below $100/item, but their fire sales every now and then of unsold merchandise have outrageous deals. The sales open up each day at 9:00 am Pacific.

Then there’s … which follows the same formula as gilt, with a bit of a better price range. Their sales start daily at 8:30 am Pacific. Plus, you don’t need to “know anyone” in order to get a membership.

I’ve yet to indulge in any purchases yet, but quite a few of my friends have and they seem quite happy with what they’ve received. I’m still waiting for a Vera Wang dress to drop down to $120 … it could happen right?