keeping my Starbucks vow.

This year I vowed not to rely on Starbucks for caffeine any longer, unless of course, it was provided to me free of charge through a gift card. That meant I’d need to rely on a steady stream of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and powdered creamer, that is until I found this…

Vanilla Chai Tea meet my coffee. Mingle for a bit in my cup and my tummy. Enjoy yourselves.

This is how I make it through Mondays… and sad Wednesdays too.


  • Tara

    Hey, thanks for the hot tip! I looooove Chai flavors, and am always looking for something to stir into my hot-milk-in-the-microwave creations.

    (And I already followed your suggestion on Simply Lime and love it. So I know your advice is good!!!)

  • Kim

    Hello, found you from a friend’s website and was reading through your old posts…. I am a huge fan of CoffeeMate in general but just wanted to warn you of the incredible amount of calories in a serving of that stuff. It can’t be yummy AND low-calorie, right? ;)

    • kimberly michelle

      Thanks for coming and visiting Kim! :) I try my best to be good and keep it to 2 Tablespoons… so 70 calories/serving… which is frighteningly better than my usual choices at Starbucks. Gah!