craft cards

I’ve realized that there are far too many good ideas out there… and among my iphone, laptop and 2 desktop computers, far too many places to store my treasures. I usually “STAR” things I like in google reader, but what about the Martha crafts I want to try, or the magazine projects or the new recipe from the newspaper?

I’ve decided that my best bet for craft project orientation is some sort of card system. I got out a couple 4″x6″ cards last night and whipped up something quick in Illustrator. The size works, I can easily file and “pin” them up, and I figure I can easily print photos on the back of the card as well. Heck, I can even stow the completed cards away with tips for the next go-around.

But before I go and print up a storm of these cards… any improvements that you would suggest I make? Additions/Subtractions?