the endless furniture hunt

2008_10_7_1 by you.

Remember that oh so lovely teak bed that we have in our master bedroom? Well, we ran into lots of problems trying to find furniture to fill up our room due to its very custom stain, color and size. Some pieces were too red, others too dark, and so many nightstands were just far too low to the ground.  So just at about the time I was going to rip my hair out and Mr. M was going to settle for just about anything, we wandered past this set of furniture at the lovely Scandinavian Designs.

2008_10_7_2 by you.

“Wait, are those… why yes! The drawer pulls match the accents on our bed. And the walnut finish matches??? Please tell me I’m dreaming.” It seemed like a dream come true, and when we took a drawer home to test out the color, all worked perfectly well. Even the nightstands are the perfect height!

And so ends the endless bedroom furniture hunt thanks to the amazing creative minds at Zocalo furniture. My underwear can’t thank you enough.