mr. google thinks you’d like this…

Dear Google Reader fans — How often do you follow Mr. (yes, it could very well be a Ms./Mrs. but this lends itself to an old joke so just follow along) Google’s reading recommendations??? You know, the ones on the side bar that beckon you to try a blog that you haven’t seen before? 

I’d say that I dive into the tips about once a week. I’ve been shocked to see familiar faces there… people I know of through the ‘net and the ‘Bee and somehow Mr. Google thinks I should get to know them better? I’ve subscribed to a few… and passed up many more. It’s hard keeping up with the blogosphere, so I really try to keep my reading to things I truly adore.

My latest “thank you Mr. Google” blog is Craft Chi. How he knew that I would be jumping at the chance to make rolling pin wrapping paper prints and my own rubber stamps is beyond me. But I’m happy to know that the people behind the blogs I read would love to do this too! :)