new food week: day 2

Slow-Cooker Chili Chicken Tacos
[dinner tonight]

I’m happy to hear that we’re not the only family struggling to eat at home these days, and that it’s not an impossible task to mount. I’m proud to report that Day 2 went just swimmingly, as it was my debut of our lovely slow cooker (thank you Ethan & Jill for the lovely wedding present). And we’re keeping it nice and clean thanks to my purchase of some of those amazing slow cooker liners.

Last night was a simple meal of chili chicken tacos, and while it was nothing spectacular, it definitely beat the $20 meal at your local Qdoba/Baja Fresh/Chipotle. The preparation took a few short minutes before I headed out the door to work, and when I got home all I needed to do was pull it apart with a fork for serving.