two emails…

gap1 by you.

Today my inbox brought good news: A Gap/BR/Old Navy sale!

But… it came in two different forms to two different email addresses. On the left, the code GETMORE gets us 20% off a $100 purchase… yet on the right, the code GETSAVE only gets us 20% if we spend $150.

Now, I love Internet merchandising and all, but this just rubs me the wrong way. In fact, if you visit a site like, you’ll notice that GAP has banned user submitted coupons, so you can’t tell everyone that there is a deal better than the widely publicized offer on the right. In fact, the only site where I could find the “best” option was

Boo… now when I get coupon codes I’ll be googling to see if I get the better deal. Although, now I at least know which email address they’ll send the best coupons to!