monitoring your sushi intake

Aburi toro / ????? by jetalone.

I guess I’ll have to cut short my search for hamachi at the fish market. As well as my cravings for toro and freshwater unagi. This in light of the new sustainable sushi list that my mom forwarded me yesterday from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I actually let out an, “Aww man! No!!!” cry when I saw it, because I knew once I saw what was on the bad list, it’d never be going in my tummy again.

Just like the pocket guide they created for general seafood, this list helps you choose fish that are sustainable, good alternatives and which seafod to completely avoid. It’s quite enlightening since it puts the consumer in the power of chosing against bad environmental choices.

If you’d like to say goodbye to bluefin forever, you can download a pocket copy of the sushi guide here, as well as the general seafood guide for your region here. Or, if you happen to forget your guide, just send your phone to mobile.seafoodwatch.org and you’ll see the list there.

And now, I’ll go eat my bowl of oatmeal for lunch and ponder dropping off a pile of pocketguides in front of the sushi restaurant next door.