dinner time: mexican lasagna

Julie was ever so gracious to share her recipe for husband-taming Mexican Lasagna this weekend, which is quickly being added to this week’s menu at the M household! She has posted the recipe on her blog, along with great photos and tips as well!!  Back in the graduate school days, I made a version of this with ground turkey and would nosh on it during those long study days. But that recipe took 40 minutes and I’d die from hunger while waiting for it to finish. I think I’ll survive with the 12 minutes in the oven on this recipe though! :)

Mexican_Lasagna by you.
Recipe Card in PDF format (for you to print on a 4×6 card)


  • Cathleya

    MMM! This sounds delish! I can’t wait to try it out on Mark! I’m a huge fan of the “dish that keeps on giving”… this looks like it will make great leftovers :)

  • Julie

    Love the recipe card — this may be my recipe, but I’m still printing it out, considering that I keep all my recipes stored on my computer, and having it on a card seems a lot easier than running back and forth to my laptop!

    (And it does make great leftovers, my husband has been eating them for dinner.. breakfast.. whatever meal it is that he eats at 9am when he gets home from working his night float shift all week.)