#WEverb12 4: experiment


This is one is sort of obvious: the half marathon. I’d never run a race in my entire life. Never wanted to run unless I was chasing after an orange rubber ball or a hard white one with laces. And so when I signed up to do the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, it was a complete and total fluke.

But I ran it. And finished it. And then signed up and ran another one (a night race no less). And I remembered how much I love doing crazy things. Signing up for stuff and experimenting. Having fewer boundaries and limits. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sign up for paintball next year (I don’t want bruises!!!), but I know that I can adder bigger goals to my list year after year.

Will I run another half marathon? Maybe. I won’t put it out of my mind that I can’t do it… but my desire to train and run again right now isn’t super strong. Will I keep running though? I think I will… short distances. Miss L loves it so much that I’d love to keep running with her…


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